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The challenges of global climate change and limited accessability of energy resources have sparked the technological development of renewable energy technologies.

Boston Energy Associates invites you to join our efforts on developing concepts and creating business opportunities for sustainable mobility and energy solutions.

With our clients, we embark on a promising pathway toward sophisticated technology implementation for creating tomorrow’s transportation and energy systems for industrialized and developing countries.


Sustainable Energy and Mobility Publications

Sustainable Mobility: Renewable Energies for Powering Fuel Cell Vehicles

A wide-ranging, forthright exmamination of why fuels from renewable resources are an ever more attractive source of power, at a time when the environment is suffering from pollution by fossil fuels that can only get worse. With energy consumption rising and with it our dependence on crude oil from politically uncertain regions, and faced with the threat to the environment from polluting emissions, it is becoming ever more evident that fuels from renewable resources are an increasingly attractive option to fossil fuels.

Edinger and Kaul, like a growing number of other experts, hold the mobility of populations--transportation, in other words, responsible for the rise in the rate of greenhouse gas emissions, a condition that can only get worse as less developed regions of the world emerge with their own needs and demands for mobility. What to do?

Renewable Resources for Electric Power: Prospects and Challenges

The Brundtland Report in 1987 adjoined sustainable development to the political agenda. The subsequent United Nations‘ conferences on climate change have identified measures to address the challenge of global warming.

Shifting our energy systems from its predominantly fossil fuel basis toward renewable resources for electricity production appears a viable approach to reduce pollution and resource depletion. Technological advancements are continuously bringing down electric power production cost from renewable resources, facilitating market entry for an augmenting portfolio of decentralized power technologies and creating business opportunities for new power producers.

In their book, Renewable Resources for Electric Power: Prospects and Challenges, Edinger and Kaul assess the